Goals and Vision

SEN YEH not only continuously puts efforts into Taiwan domestic trackwork engineering, construction, and more BOT projects or public construction projects, but also actively develops overseas market. As for trackwork engineering, we have been devoted to improving construction methods and designs; and continues developing new equipment and products. With several patented products and techniques, we aim to be the professional supplier of international trackwork materials by obtaining more overseas agency services of trackwork related materials. Based on this, we will be able to reduce costs of materials and constructions to raise quality and focus on trackwork maintenance, and most essentially, to build a sustainable operation and service for safer public transportations. In overseas market, a recent order of ALSTOM TRANSPORT (S) PTE LTD in Singapore MRT rail welding project has earned us quality recognition from the proprietor and have signed further contracts for other trackwork engineering projects in Southeast Asia. SEN YEH will focus on project planning and innovation of trackwork engineering; and hope to gain an important position in global construction and trackwork engineering industries.

SEN YEH Yungchun project is a restart of our long-silent construction business. SEN YEH is able to display experienced management and enhanced construction methods with our best quality and efficiency, which help us build good reputations in construction field and add in new production capability to our company. SEN YEH will continuously devote time and effort in trackwork engineering and construction fields. Looking back on our company history, the combination of our core competitive strength and professional knowledge is what supports our diversified management. Therefore, we will take engineering projects as basis to keep improving abilities of design and integration. We do not limit ourselves in exploring our potential in other industries as we richly cultivate Taiwan while reaching out to the world.